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JOB WATCH: Mixed Mid South Growth

August 26th, 2016

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Last month the United States economy saw positive growth and added 255,000 new jobs. However,  among Mid South states, growth was steady but mixed; two states lost jobs (Arkansas and Louisiana) and two states added jobs (Mississippi and Tennessee). Of the Mid South states, Mississippi saw the most change rebounding from sluggish growth in June. Mississippi had the greatest percent increase in jobs in July (+0.4%) and added 4,000 jobs, a turnaround from poor job growth in June.

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Economic recovery remains an important component of improving the conditions for families, particularly families in the Mid South. With the exception of Mississippi, Mid South states have recovered all jobs lost since the start of the recession and are now adding jobs to match population growth. These challenges combined with entrenched persistent poverty in the region continue to highlight the need for investments that support strengthening the region’s educational system and workforce training system to support continued job growth.

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