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New Report Offers Small Business Perspective on Medicaid Expansion

May 22nd, 2013

The Mississippi Health Advocacy Program partnered with Small Business Majority to release a new report that offers the small business perspective on Medicaid expansion.  The report reiterates a number of important points in favor of expansion:

  1. Medicaid will create a healthier and more productive workforce – when people have access to health insurance, they are more likely to get the care they need before they get sick – not in the emergency room.
  2. Medicaid expansion will stimulate the economy.  With over $1 billion a year in new money coming into Mississippi’s economy, the state will see increases in jobs, income and even state tax revenue.
  3. Medicaid expansion will reduce increases in insurance premiums.  When people without insurance go to hospitals for care, the costs are passed on to businesses and individuals that pay insurance premiums.  By increasing the number of people with insurance, the pass through costs will not be as high because uncompensated care will likely decrease.
  4. Hospitals have experienced a number of cuts due to congressional actions.  Medicaid expansion represents a way to generate revenue for the hospitals that has been lost due to cuts.  In the absence of a way to replace the revenue, hospitals may need to reduce services or staff – both of which affect livelihoods.

The report is just part of a growing body of evidence that Medicaid expansion is a vital economic and public health opportunity that should not be left on the table.

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