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Budget & Tax

Budget and tax decisions reflect the collective value of determining priority areas for state investment in vital public services that support a strong economy and strong communities. Through robust analysis and strategic communications, the Hope Policy Institute informs the budget and tax decision-making process to foster policies that work for all Mississippians, especially low- and moderate-income individuals and families. In its budget and tax advocacy capacity, HOPE has provided invited testimony before the Mississippi Legislature’s tax writing, insurance, and public health committees. HOPE’s policy analysts have also been cited over 500 times in the media as experts on various social policy issues. In 2015, HOPE played a pivotal role in defeating $1.6 billion in proposed tax cuts that would have devastated investments in education, health care and other vital services.

HOPE has a long history of working on tax credit programs that target resources toward low-income communities. After working with the White House and Senate Majority Leader to secure passage of the New Markets Tax Credit Program (NMTC), in 2003, HOPE secured guidance from the Internal Revenue Service allowing NMTC-leveraged debt transactions. Today, nearly all NMTC transactions use the structure pioneered by HOPE to attract capital. Since its creation, the NMTC program has generated over $35 billion in investments in low-income communities nationwide.

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