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Kiyadh Burt

Kiyadh Burt is a Senior Policy Analyst at Hope Policy Institute (HOPE). In this position, he uses quantitative and qualitative methods to understand and demonstrate the impact of social and economic policy across the Deep South. He is responsible for producing blog posts and policy briefs, providing credible analysis on HOPE’s programmatic issues, and raising awareness of the challenges and successes in the Deep South. His primary areas of research include community and economic development, consumer protection, small business relief, and financial inclusion.

During his time at HOPE, Kiyadh has met with numerous community stakeholders and national organizations to amplify the solutions needed in the Deep South. Notably, he has discussed pathways to increase Black homeownership in Mississippi to the Mississippi Black Legislative Caucus, the importance of CDFIs in rural communities for NeighborWorks America, and how CDFIs are vital to increasing financial inclusion and small business relief to underserved markets with the Department of Treasury. His work serves to further HOPE’s goal of fostering opportunities that enhance the ability of vulnerable people and places to fully participate in the American economy.

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Kiyadh Burt

Vice President of Policy & Advocacy & Interim Director